Yoga is not about touching toes, it's more about touching hearts.

Vinyasa Flow

Experience a dynamic modern Vinyasa class merging strength, flexibility, and mindful flow. Align movement with breath as you transition seamlessly through energizing sequences. Embrace healthy alignment cues for a safe practice that empowers. From heart-opening backbends to invigorating balances, find strength in every posture. Conclude with serene stretches and deep relaxation, leaving you invigorated and connected.

Budokon Yoga

In this class, we move through dynamic asanas, complemented by elements from martial arts and mobility exercises. This fusion embodies the spiritual dichotomy between a peaceful yogi and a warrior poised for life's challenges. The yogi imparts lessons of acceptance and serenity, while the warrior embodies courage and determination. Throughout the flow, we harmonize these energies, discovering how to infuse this essence into our lives. Immerse yourself in a dynamic flow that fortifies your inner Warrior, fostering enhanced focus and clarity in your mind.

Inside Flow

"Music has healing power“ This class seamlessly blends yoga with contemporary music beats. Inside Flow presents a choreographed sequence of asanas synchronized to a specific song. In the first section of the session, we methodically practice the sequence of asanas, guided by the rhythm of the beat and harmonizing breath and movement. You acquire the ability to move rhythmically and create smooth transitions. In the phase that follows, we seamlessly step through the sequence in unison with our chosen song. Give the song your unique interpretation and let it all flow!